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From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, PNWS can bring your ideas to life. We have a proven track record of both successully creating projects and completing ones that we took over.

Use our 24-years of experience to finish your custom website or application and help your company grow.

Hire us to deliver the right solution for you now!

Software Development Services We Provide

Pacific Northwest Software is a custom software development company headquartered in the USA with a team of full-stack software developers from Ukraine that provide a full-cycle of software development from idea generation and prototyping, to implementation, design/redesign, DevOps, web hosting solutions, SEO improvements, advertising adjustment, and post-development support.
  • Legacy Modernization
    Redesigning and/or modernizing your existing websites or applications into a new effective version, or migrating legacy systems to the cloud.
  • Custom Development
    Creation of your custom CRM, SaaS service, and other web/mobile apps with seamless integration into your organization and support for any future upgrades.
  • Digital Transformation
    Budget development of your brand website or e-commerce store to transform your services or businesses for online presence and marketing goals.

Examples of our Work

You get a custom application that you will sell as a product (SaaS) for your customers, or services and operational tools for your business productivity and clients acquisition.
Do you wish to create a new app/website for your business or improve your existing software development process?

Who We Are

Years in Business
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Ongoing Support

Technologies & Frameworks Our Developers Use

Use our experience to create your website, e-commerce or SaaS service, admin dashboards, or mobile app. PNWS software developers will provide you with solutions that combine a strong technical back-end with an easy-to-use modern design to build applications that run on the web, desktop, and mobile.
Back-End & Desktop
Back-End & Desktop
  • .Net
  • C#
  • Share Point
  • Visual Studio
Front-End & Full-Stack
Front-End & Full-Stack
  • Front-End
  • Vui.js
  • Angular
  • React
Mobile Application
Mobile Application
  • Swift
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
You will be provided with better post-production support than our competitors because the majority of Pacific Software developers have been with us for over 15 years.

How to Hire a Development Company

PNWS Pricing for Custom Software Development

Our pricing is competitive for the high quality delivered:
Hourly rate
$55 /hr
and up
Cost effective development, lower total hours on average than our competitors.
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Fixed rate
$7500 /month
160 hours per month pre-paid - You are saving
15% of your costs with a dedicated developer
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Why Choose Us

You will work with a team of full-stack software developers that can provide you with all necessary IT services. This holds your costs down as PNWS' costs are competitive with pure offshore suppliers. But as a USA headquartered company, we understand your business.
Client satisfaction
Shorter time to market
Save up to 50% of costs
  • We deliver professionally developed applications that meet your needs.
  • Highest level of security and robustness.
  • Result-driven & client-centric approach
  • No financial risks. Transparent hourly fee
The success of your projects is the only metric that really matters to us.

General Questions About Costs and Risks

You will be supplied with a full cycle of product development including help with the design, implementation, enhancement, and support of the solutions that we build for our customers.
PNWS is a mid-sized (30+ developer) company, and we've created line of business apps for multiple Fortune 500 companies. We can scale up a development team to handle all but the largest of needs. And if you're needs are that large, you should consider directly employing the development team.
Yes, there is a very high likelyhood that we can do so. We've taken over many projects that were stalled or unable to be finished in the past, and have figured out what was needed to be done to get the project complete. We actually prefer projects like this, because usually by that point, the goals of the project are very well established, and the customer has refined their product ideas.
Development companies are better than freelancers because of the reduced risk for project failure, particularly for a reputable development company like PNWS. Not all freelancers are incapable, but they cannot scale and they do not have the broad base of experience of an entire team of developers. And what happens when they get sick, or have a previous customer call with an emergency?
Obviously, prices on our development services are dependent upon the project type and size. Because the bulk of our labor comes from Ukraine, our costs are competitive with pure outsourcing, but with US led development teams, we provide a much higher level of service.
We offer the following engagement models: Dedicated team, Hourly model, Fixed-price
Our developers know that the majority of our customers are US based, and shift their work schedule to have significant overlap with the US. Typically they are available until 1pm EST/10am PST, and later in the day as needed. This allows for plenty of interaction with our customers.
Our developers will likely create the initial prototype of your new project or the initial set of changes of your existing app within a few days and get that to you to try out. Over the course of the project, we will update it almost every day so you can see the progress as it occurs. Every day our developers enter their hours into our Track System with notes on what they did. You can add items to the to-do list by directly entering them into Track.
We give great importance to data security. All our of developers are with us for the long term, and have passed background checks. They have also signed agreements regarding keeping information and data secure. In addition, we offer a mutual NDA for all of our customers. This ensures the confidentiality of your data and the secrecy of the project. Our security measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall and antivirus protection, a strictly-enforced password policy, and system administrator support. Additional security measures can be added at your request.
One of PNWS' partners will contact you to discuss your project with you. Both John and Mike are experienced developers, and they can discuss your options in-depth and give you some rough estimates right away.

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Additional Info

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Our Team

Pnwsoft developers team

Pacific Northwest Software was founded as a software development company by John Taves and Mike Hayner, both highly experienced software developers. We are headquartered in the Seattle area. We have an office in Dnipro, Ukraine with a team of about 30 software developers, led by Alexandr Novikov.

Since 1998, we’ve been helping companies create top-notch products and improve their overall performance by offering software development services aligned with their strategy & goals.

We’ve been providing a wide variety of custom development services for both small startups and large corporations. The software products we’ve created are used by our customers on a daily basis.

Meet with our Leadership

John Taves - Chief Executive Officer
John Taves
Chief Executive Officer
37 years of experience
John Taves has many years experience in leading teams as well as projects ranging from small to enterprise. John is also an expert in OCR Algorithms, having developed machine print algorithms that were used to read destination addresses on the mail pieces processed by the United States Post System. John founded the non-profit StopAtTwo, and with Mike Hayner founded Pick A Time.
Mike Hayner - Chief Technical Officer
Mike Hayner
Chief Technical Officer
31 years of experience
Mike Hayner is an experienced software developer and an expert in web and database design. He architected and lead development of the Sarbanes-Oxley documenation management system for Credit-Suisse. He has managed the development of several internal and external sites for Microsoft that utilize SharePoint Portal Server, SharePoint Team Services, ASP.NET, C# Web Parts, SQL Server databases, ActiveX controls, and ISAPI filters and extensions. Mike started PNWS with John Taves.
Alex Novikov - European Branch Director
Alex Novikov
European Branch Director
25 years of experience
Alexandr Novikov currently leads several large projects as well as managing Pacific Northwest Software's European branch. Previously, Alexandr was Chief of Development at JS Bank "Radabank". Prior to that, he was the Lead Programmer for JS Bank "Zemelny Capital". In 1995, Alexandr was Chief of Automation for "Prominvestbank".


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Bellevue WA 98008
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