Pacific Northwest Software has a fantastic team of stellar developers in Dnipro, Ukraine as well as in the United States. Our developers in Dnipro are currently all safe. Most are still working from Ukraine but a few have temporarily left the country. While the majority of our developers are back at work, some are helping with the war effort. One is helping refugees escape Kharkiv, while others are scouting for equipment for the military. Alexander Novikov was in Slovakia when Russia invaded. He has been helping refugees that have been pouring into that country.

We want to thank all our customers, current and former, who have reached out to us and our team to lend support and express concern for the well-being of our developers and their beloved country. Our Ukrainian team of developers are confident that Ukraine will prevail against this madman.

Many of you have asked how we decided to open an office in Ukraine, so here is some background on this. In 2000 Alexander Novikov (Sasha), a developer in Ukraine, responded to my help wanted ad. I gave him an assignment and he was excellent. Mike and I asked him to hire more developers and we built around them. For the last 22 years, we’ve worked together, with developers in both the US and Ukraine. I've been fortunate to travel on extended trips to the Ukraine office and to meet most of the team. Dnipro is located on the Dnieper River, and on one of my trips there I even water skied on this river, in the wake of Catherine the Great and Potemkin’s famous 1787 journey!