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Are you looking to hire .NET developers to extend your in-house team? Or maybe you need to switch your existing development team?

You can hire PNWS to complete your existing .NET project, or to create a new .NET solution for you.

Our USA headquartered company can provide you with reliable, inexpensive .NET software development, increase your profitability, and decrease costs.

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.NET Custom Software Development Services

  • Dedicated .Net Developers
    Our dedicated .NET developers will extend your team to build scalable, secure, and robust websites, CMS, and desktop applications for your easily-scalable business.
  • .NET Migration
    Our experienced .Net developers can migrate your existing legacy web or desktop applications to .Net, or even migrate your old .Net application to any other technology of your choice.
  • .NET Desktop App Development
    You can get high-performance applications including Windows GUI apps, Windows Console apps, Smart Client apps, and more, developed by our .Net programmers.

Why Choose .NET To Build Web Apps?

.NET is a fairly popular framework that can be applied to any field of your choice. Developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET has emerged as one of the most influential tools for custom web development by allowing the creation of feature-enriched web and desktop applications in quick time.
  • Cross-Platform
    .NET provides solutions for mobile apps running on iOS /Android and Windows as well as for Enterprise server applications running on Windows Server and Linux.
  • Open-source
    .NET has over 100,000 contributions from developers from over 3,700 companies outside of Microsoft.
  • High Performance
    .NET applications really have high response times and utilize less processing power, handling up to 6.97 million requests per second.
  • Trusted and Secure
    Microsoft is very serious concerning security issues and releases updates quickly when threats are detected.

Industry Experience

We have made a custom .NET software development of desktop apps and web services and building products that our customers sell or use as productivity or operations tools on a daily basis.
Contact our firm if you wish to create a new .NET website or improve your existing .NET software development process.

Pricing for .NET Development

Become familiar with our pricing packages which are a great fit for any business:
Hourly rate
Starting from
$50 /hr
and up
We ensure the confidentiality of your project.
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Fixed rate
Starting from
$6000 /month
160 hours per month pre-paid - You are saving
25% of your costs with a dedicated developer
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